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What Is Flame Retardant Fabric? Is Flame Retardant Fabric Harmful To Human Body?

Author: venusgeng
Mar. 28, 2023
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Flame retardant fabric is a class of fabric with extremely high fire resistance, so flame retardant fabrics can still burn, but can significantly reduce the speed and trend of burning fabric, according to the characteristics of flame retardant fabrics can be divided into disposable, permanent and wash-resistant flame retardant fabrics, the following 3 fabric museum will be more detailed with you about the characteristics of flame retardant fabrics.

60% cotton 40% polyester twill uniform fabric

What is flame retardant fabric? Is flame retardant fabric harmful to human body?

There is one kind of flame retardant fabric which has flame retardant properties, such as fabric made of aramid, acrylic cotton, etc. Another kind of flame retardant fabric is made of cotton, polyester, etc., and a layer of flame retardant coating is added to achieve the effect of flame retardant, but no matter what kind of flame retardant fabric it is, it is harmless to human body as long as it is legally produced. Flame retardant fabrics are generally used in medical, fire fighting and other fields, and we basically do not use it in our daily wear clothing. It is important to note that flame retardant fabric is not equal to fireproof fabric, fireproof fabric is not burning. The following is to introduce several kinds of flame retardant fabrics sold in the market.

CVC flame retardant fabric: CVC refers to cotton-polyester blended fabric (the proportion of cotton is greater than that of polyester), and the fabric has flame retardant characteristics after using proban process on the basis of CVC. It is commonly used in the production of industrial protective clothing, mountain climbing clothing and other products.

Aramid flame retardant fabric: This kind of flame retardant fabric is permanent, besides being flame retardant, it also has high strength and abrasion resistance, and has outstanding performance in radiation protection and anti-static, and the fabric is soft and stable in size, and it is not harmful to human body, aramid flame retardant fabric is also the most sold in the market.

C / N flame retardant fabrics: also known as cotton and nylon flame retardant fabrics, cotton and nylon ratio of about 8:2, the fabric in addition to flame retardant and good wear resistance and wrinkle resistance, is the main material for the production of electrical industry flame retardant protective clothing.

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