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What Is Aluminium Foil Glass Fibre Cloth Used for?

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Feb. 06, 2023
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What is aluminium foil glass fibre fabric? Aluminum foil fiberglass fabric relies on a unique advanced lamination technology, using glass fibre as the basic raw material and a special flame retardant adhesive, bonded to form a visible dense film. This dense film makes the surface of the aluminium foil smooth and flat, and is characterised by high tensile strength, air tightness, water resistance, high reflectivity, good sealing and weather resistance.


I. Characteristics of aluminium foil glass fibre cloth

(1) As its process is direct hot pressing compound, it avoids compounding adhesive and saves the cost of laminated compound.


(2) The water vapour transmission rate is smaller, and the water vapour barrier is strengthened. As you know, aluminium foil Fiberglass cloth has a wide range of applications where this property is very much needed. Therefore, the heat-sealed polyethylene layer in the middle of the aluminium-foil glass fibre cloth is thicker than the usual wood veneer, precisely to increase water vapour permeation and reliably protect insulation materials such as glass wool.

Aluminum Foil Coated Fiberglass Fabric

3) Good corrosion resistance. The surface of the aluminium foil glass fibre cloth has been treated with a special anti-corrosion coating, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance. At the same time, the use of polyethylene hot air lamination method, without the use of composite adhesive, to avoid the composite process adhesive residual moisture or solvent caused by the aluminum foil surface corrosion and mildew hidden trouble.


4) The aluminium foil fibreglass cloth lamination is flatter and reduces the probability of the aluminium foil surface breaking. In addition, the polyethylene layer on the surface makes the veneer flatter and the surface less likely to be damaged by friction, which better serves as a moisture-proof function.


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(5) The mechanical strength of aluminium foil glass fibre cloth is higher than that of reinforced aluminium foil, which makes it more suitable for online lamination in glass wool plants, rock wool plants and mineral wool plants.

Aluminum Foil Coated Fiberglass Fabric

2. Application of aluminium foil glass fibre cloth

If it is outdoor, aluminium foil glass fibre cloth is used for industrial roles. For example, the protection and wrapping of various chemical pipelines, such as oil pipelines, steam pipelines, etc. The pipelines need to be connected to parts with anti-corrosion, flame retardant and heat insulation requirements, with good durability and effect. Therefore, aluminium foil glass fibre cloth is a good choice. Mainly used for the protection and wrapping of petrochemical pipelines, steam pipelines, etc. It can also achieve good gradation, gradation and insulation effect.


Uses: used as the main material for air conditioning and HVAC equipment piping, as well as for sound-deadening equipment on buildings, cotton cloth, ultra-fine glass wool protection layer, rock layer, grading, heat insulation, thermal insulation, equipment sound absorption; also, it can be used to prevent moisture and prevent wood from going out of the way. Fog-proof, fire-proof, packaging materials


In case of indoor use, it is mainly used as a protective layer for pipelines of air conditioning or heating equipment. It is also useful for later construction for sound insulation, fire protection, fog protection, water resistance and heat insulation. This is also due to the advantages of the properties of aluminium-foil glass fibre cloth.


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